OPEN THREAD: Mitt Romney Executes the Rarely Seen Political Triple Flip Flop

Consider this an open thread. But first…

Mitt Romney, the two time loser who is once again exploring the options of running for president, has committed the rarely seen triple flip flop. We have now seen the third time that Romney has changed his mind… er, “evolved”… on global warming. Now he is saying man has created it… again.

Back in 2011 Romney made waves by saying that global warming exists and that man contributes to the problem. Then, during his second losing campaign for president, he flip flopped and changed his mind saying that he thinks it exists, but “we don’t know” what is causing it. Now he has executed the rarely seen triple flip flop by today saying that global warming exists and man is causing it.


While hitting familiar Republican points criticizing the size of the federal debt, Romney at times sounded like a Democrat, calling for President Barack Obama and other leaders in Washington to act on common liberal priorities such as climate change, poverty and education.

“I’m one of those Republicans who thinks we are getting warmer and that we contribute to that,” he said of climate change, charging that federal leaders have failed to enact global agreements needed to tackle the problem…

“Let’s deal with poverty,” he said Wednesday night. “Have we done it? No. Let’s do it.”…

The triple flip flop. Wow.

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