So Far, Obama Has Broken a Whopping 112 Promises From SOTU Speeches

The folks at the Grabien video service has taken the time to track all Obama’s promises made during his past State of the Union speeches and found that 112 of his promises have gone unkept.

From 2009 to 2014, Obama has made scores of promises at his SOTU blatherings, but few of his promises have been fulfilled.

In fact, Obama has the worst record of getting what he wants at the SOTU since Gerald Ford!

Grabien didn’t just create a montage video of the failed promises, but they also took the time to write them all out.

We find in the list, for instance, Obama’s claim in 2009 that his stimulus would create 3.5 million jobs. This, of course, never happened. He also claimed in 2010 that he supported a “new generation of nuclear energy plants.” This one was a laughable lie even when he said it because neither he nor his party supports the nuclear power industry.

He even claimed in one SOTU address that he was going to :cure cancer.” No, seriously. He did.

In fact, a lot of what Obama says during these phenomenal wastes of time are outright lies. One of the things he’s promised since he first began to run for president in 2006 is an end to overweening regulations.

This has been a major and continuous lie. He’s never made one step to eliminate regulations. In fact, regulations have grown tremendously since he took office. The PResident has used regulations like a weapon to destroy our economy and business sector since day one.

Just for example, in 2011 Obama’s avalanche of new regulations cost the nation $84.8 billion by November. Two years later, in 2013, Obama’s new regulations ended up costing a stupefying $236 billion.

Finally, remember this major lie?

The fact is Obama is a congenital liar. But he isn’t just fecklessly throwing around lies because he doesn’t understand what he’s doing. He isn’t “incompetent” in the least. He does this on purpose because he thinks the American people are too stupid to see what he is doing.

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