OPEN THREAD: Have the Oscars Become ‘Too White’?

Here is the weekend’s OPEN THREAD….

But first…. The whiners in the BlackLivesMatter crew are now ready to riot in Hollywood now that the Oscars nominations have come through and proved to be a white guy’s paradise.

The Atlantic whines about it this week with a piece headlined: “The Oscars Haven’t Been This White in 19 Years.”

So, what do you think? More proof that blacks are still being hung from tree limbs, and can’t vote or get a job? More proof that blacks are still toiling in chattel slavery just like millionaire race-baiter Al $harpton insists?

Ooorrrr, much ado about nothing?

For me, I think it is hilarious that the “Oh, so more caring than you” idiots in Hollywood are getting this shoved in their faces.

Tell us your thoughts, won’t you?

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