Clueless: Obama to Fight Against ‘Violent Extremism,’ Not Islamic Terror

Obama refuses to identify what we really face in radical Islam and his newest, time-wasting “summit” is yet another example of that. With his announcement the president said that his summit will explore ways to oppose “violent extremism” as if that “extremism” is divorced from Islam.

In fact, it’s worse than merely using a euphemism in place of “Islam.” In the announcement Obama’s surrogate Attorney General Eric Holder said he intends to find ways to fight “violent extremism around the world” as if there were various forms of “violent extremism” troubling the world when, in fact, it is only Islam that is troubling the world.

Holder clarified this further on ABC over the weekend saying that that the west needs to find “better ways to counter violent extremism.”

He refused to say that Islam was the root cause, instead saying that we are not at war with Islam but rather “at war with those who would commit terrorist attacks and corrupt the Islamic faith in the way that they do to justify their terrorist actions.”

“Our president has indicated that on Feb. 18 we will be hosting a summit where we try to find better ways to counter violent extremism, to prevent people from adhering to or being attracted to this terrorist ideology,” Holder spun. “We certainly have to work in a dual way: confront and hold people accountable, but also find an attractive counter-narrative.”

So, it isn’t radical Islam we face, it is only a “terrorist ideology.”

What the heck is a “terrorist ideology”?

Well, it isn’t Islam, at least according to Obama and his ilk.

Of course, from past actions, we know that Obama places Republicans and conservatives on the list of those holding a “terrorist ideology.”

Several times since President Obama stepped into the White House, the federal government has said variously that conservatives, returning members of the military, and members of the tea party are terrorists.

So, if you are an American patriot, Obama and his administration thinks you are just as apt as Islamists to have that “terrorist ideology.”

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