Obama Helping to Ban Historical Reenactments of 1889 Land Rush in Oklahoma Because it’s ‘Racist’

Once again the far, far leftists that infest our schools are making to destroy the teaching of American history. This time it is in Oklahoma, home to the 1889 “Land Rush” that helped settle the great western region of the country. The un-American leftists that run Oklahoma’s schools now want to excise the teaching of the Land Rush history in schools because it’s “racist.” And the Obama administration is also behind it.

The 1889 Land Rush is a key part of Oklahoma history and is one of the things it is most known for. If you are a little shaky on the history, in 1889 Oklahoma was still thought of as “Indian Territory” and few white settlements existed there. But in 1889 the government opened a few large sections of the soon-to-be state and after setting a day when those areas would be open for purchase, a race of sorts began to fill the territory with new settlers seeking land for homes, businesses and towns. It was quite a national spectacle at the time and is an important part of the state’s history.

It is such an important part of the state’s history that for decades school children have been reenacting the Land Rush for history class. Sometimes the schools have special days dedicated to the period often including a time when the kids go outside and reenact the Land Rush. It has been an integral part of kids’ history classwork in the state nearly since the Land Rush ended.

But now leftists assisted by the Obama administration are trying to stop schools from engaging in the traditional celebration and teaching of the Land Rush period of the state’s history and the reason they are trying to destroy this tradition is because they claim it is “racist” toward the American Indian population.

According to news station KFOR, one district recently eliminated its Land Rush unit after a visit from representatives from the White House. “They were trying to see what it’s like to be a Native American student in Oklahoma City Public Schools,” the news station noted.

The claims by Obama and his minions is that the Land Rush displaced Indians, but that isn’t exactly true as the areas settled by the Rush were areas that various tribes had already given up to the federal government.

So, once again, we see historical revisionism coursing through the schools backed by anti-American sentiment and aimed at making Americans ashamed of our history.

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