Why Isn’t Liberalism Blamed for Charlie Hebdo Terror Attack?

Every single time some mass shooting or criminal action takes place in the USA the media and Democrats stampede for the TV cameras to blame conservatives for the outrage. So, where are the those blaming liberalism for the murderous terror attack on the left-wing newspaper in France?

I was reminded by my friend Erik that in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 President Bill Clinton and the whole of his lapdog media claimed that the bombing was a result of the “right-wing militia” movement spurred on by evil conservative talk radio and Christianity.

Of course, it turned out that the bombers were loners who were not connected to any group and neither had any connection whatever to any religion, much less Christianity.

Even as late as 2011 The New York Times blamed a massacre perpetrated by a Muslim extremist in Norway on American conservatives and illegitimately linked it to the Oklahoma City bombing.

The Oklahoma City bombing is far from the only time American liberals blamed some crime or another on conservatives.

When Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was shot and seriously injured as she met with constituents in Arizona in January of 2011, the media immediately blamed the Tea Party movement and said that conservatives were responsible for the crime.

Many even blamed Sarah Palin for the shooting because she had a “violent” target symbol on an electoral map on her website that showed districts that were “targeted” for a GOP pickup, one of which was Giffords’ district.

Of course, Giffords’ shooter ended up being mentally ill and had no discernible political ideology shoring up his crazy actions. So, the whole idea that he was responding to conservative rhetoric was nonsense.

By the way, Palin was ultimately right about her “targeting” of the Giffords district. In the last election a pro-gun Republican won election in Giffords’ old district!

The immediate and illegitimate blame of conservatives continued, too. In the immediate aftermath of the shooting at a movie theater in Colorado, ABC’s Brian Ross went looking for a Tea Party member with a similar name as the shooter’s so that he could blame the Tea Party for the shooting.

So, with all of that noted (and that is just the tip of the iceberg for examples) we get to the incident in Paris as Muslim terrorists murdered 12 people at the officers of left-wing, satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

Charlie Hebdo is a left-wing, anti-religious newspaper that attacks all religions viciously and with profane language and artwork. In September of 2012 the paper bravely published a series of satirical attacks on the “Prophet Muhammad.” It took some time, but the Muslims finally got even and attacked the liberal paper killing many of its employees.

Yes, this newspaper is a paragon of leftism. So, where were the mediots to immediately blame the paper’s liberalism for these attacks?

Of course, we know why the media hasn’t stampeded to the TV cameras to blame the paper’s liberalism for the attacks. The media has it’s false narrative to sell that the narrative is strictly anti-conservative and they’ll use any excuse at all to push that narrative whether it is true or not–and it isn’t. Logic and truth are not their goal.

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