Muslim terrorists just like Muhammad

Muslim Terrorist Attacking Charlie Hebdo

Muslim terrorists act more like Muhammad than peaceful Muslims want to admit.

Sure, Muhammad wrote peaceful stuff in the Quran when he was lacked military muscle and was camped out in Medina. However, once he had formed his army, Muhammad used the sword to force Arabs to submit to him and to his religion. Taking control of the state meant that Muhammad could add to the Quran statements that modern-day Muslim terrorists cite as justification for their terrorism.

Muhammad used physical force to scare people into submission. Modern-day Muslim terrorists have the same goal. After all, “Islam” means “submission”.*

Muhammad looks in mirror

Je suis Charlie

*The meaning of the word “Islam” is something that I learned in a college “Islam” course that I took during the 1980s. The theologian who taught it was a Muslim from Saudi Arabia.

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