Left-Wing U.Va Student Not Sorry for Unjustified Vandalism

It isn’t as if we needed another example to prove that liberalism makes bad people, but this week we got a story in the Washington Times of the University of Virginia student who isn’t sorry he destroyed thousands of dollars in private property even though he discovered that he was trying to “punish” a fraternity for a rape that never happened.

This is yet another unsavory out come from the lie-filled Rolling Stone story where an agenda-driven “journalist” created a story out of whole cloth claiming that a tony fraternity on the U.Va campus gang raped a female student.

The music magazine sold the story as a gangbuster tale that somehow “proved” that women on our campuses are constantly set upon by a never-ending stream of sexual predators and that nothing is ever done about it.

But it turned out that the entire story and every last “fact” in it proved to be untrue, including the claim that woman are raped at school far more than elsewhere.

Still, before it was proven to be a total fiction, the Rolling Stone story resulted in a lot of consequences not the least of which was that the school shut down all its “rape-prone” fraternities. But the frat house in the story also suffered extensive property damage at the hands of furious liberal students who thought the frat needed to be taught a lesson.

Windows were broken and walls were spray-painted with vile graffiti causing thousands of dollars in damage to the building.

Of course, now we all realize that this property damage was unfair because there was no rape at the frat house. And yet, we now get the story in Sunday’s Washington Times were the students who committed the illegal destruction of the frat’s property (yes, illegal even if the frat was guilty) have said they are proud of what they did and are not sorry even though they have found out for sure the reason they committed the property destruction was unfounded.

They aren’t sorry. Not even a little bit.

Once again, this proves that liberals have no shame, are not legitimate in their actions, and don’t care about right and wrong. They only care about what pumps up their selfish sense of righteous indignation and they just don’t care at all how their selfishness impacts other people. In fact, they are indignant that they might be expected to think of others at all.

Being a liberal is all about cultivating hate, justifying the hate you feel, then punishing everyone else for not agreeing with you. Hardcore liberals are not just wrong. Their liberalism truly makes them bad people.

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