Time to Pressure the Corporations That Donate to Cop-Murdering Al Sharpton’s National Action Network

Al Sharpton is able to fly around the country advocating for violent protests and the murder of cops because many of the nation’s top corporations have fallen for his shakedown efforts and give him millions to fund his activities. It is time to pressure these corporations to stop finding this charlatan’s efforts.

Did you know that Walmart gives Sharpton’s National Action Network (NAN) millions every year? So does beer giant Anheuser-Busch. And so do Macy’s and drug company Pfizer. And it’s time they all stop doing so.

These companies have all been afraid of seeming like “racists” for any refusal to donate millions to NAN, but now that Sharpton has become a part of the murder of several cops, isn’t it time that these same corporations fear being linked to a pusher of violence?

A recent article in The New York Post listed a series of large national companies that donate money to Sharpton’s NAN.

The Posts lists Anheuser-Busch, NY Developer Forest City Ratner, Walmart, MGM, Pepsi, Macy’s, Honda, Chrysler, General Motors, FedEx, Continental Airlines, Johnson & Johnson and Chase.

Another way that Sharpton has been able to afford to flay all around the country on his shakedown and violence tours is that he doesn’t pay his taxes. A few years ago it was estimated that Sharpton owed at least $1.5 million in back taxes and he still hasn’t paid any of it.

Sharpton also rakes in millions from unions. So, if you are part of a union it is likely that your dues are going to fund this cop-killer.

So, folks, it is long past time to contact these companies and organizations to demand that they stop funding Al Sharpton.

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