Liberals Lose: FCC Rules That ‘Redskins’ Isn’t Profanity

Left-wing pushers of political correctness have been trying to find any legal thread to force the NFL’s Washington DC-based football team to stop using the name “Redskins,” a word that activists claim is “racist.” The left’s most recent attempt was to get the FCC to rule that “Redskins” was “profane” and so cannot be used on the air because it breaks profanity rules. But the FCC just ruled against the liberal’s effort to redefine the team name as a profanity.

Last week the FCC ruled against the liberal activist’s claims that “Redskins” was a profanity or was obscene saying that obscenity must “depict or describe sexual conduct.” The agency said that its definition of profanity is limited to “words that are sexual or excretory in nature.”

In a formal ruling, the commission rejected calls to yank the broadcast license of a radio station owned by Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder for excessively using the team’s name, which some find offensive.

George Washington University professor John Banzhaf filed a petition in September opposing the license renewal of the D.C. station, WWXX-FM.

The FCC can prohibit the use of profane or obscene language, but the team’s name does not fit the definition of either category, according to the FCC’s Media Bureau, which handled the case.

One has to be shocked that any agency run by the Obama administration would come to such a sensible conclusion. So, good for the FCC for properly understanding that the word “Redskins” is not a “profanity.”

Finally, notice how this lunacy came from yet another far left-wing professor, here? Does anything good come out of our fetid universities?

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