VIDEO: Fox News’ Shep Smith Laments How America Will ‘Ruin Cuba’

Shep Smith is at it again, this time he was heard on his Fox News show lamenting how America will “ruin” Cuba now that Obama is opening up diplomatic relations with that island nation. No, seriously. That is exactly what he said. This idiot really needs to go work for the commies at MSNBC.

So, we have a nation that has been oppressed for 50 years, a nation where even toothpaste and toilet paper is a luxury that most there can’t afford. We have a nation where any questioning of the government results in torture and murder. But with the possibility of the US initiating closer relations with that beleaguered nation, Shep Smith is now worried that contact with the USA will be bad for the Cuban people? Really, Shep?!

After sonorously noting how he paid $4 for a liter of his favorite Cuban booze last time he visited there, Shep’s cohost noted that there will be an “onrush” of American businesses that will want to get down into the Cuban market… though I don’t know why anyone would assume there even is a Cuban market or that Cubans have money to spend.

Anyway, after that comment, Shep put on his big boy, serious face and said, “You know the fear of anybody who’s ever been there or cares at all about the Cuban people, as so many of us do, the last thing they need is a Taco Bell and a Lowe’s.”

Oh, yes, Shep, we are so sure you care deeply about the Cuban people.

This commie-loving dolt went on to say, “but you know, it’s one big idea and it all sort of comes together and you wonder are we about to get up in there and ruin that place?”

Just watch this douchebag putting on his faux concern for “the Cuban people”:

So, we live in a nation where things are so plentiful and easy for us to afford that even cars and TVs are throw away items that we buy over and over again in a lifetime. And the Cuban people live in hovels and are daily oppressed by corrupt thieves they call a government in a nation that has missed out on the last 50 years of the advances that nearly every other nation has enjoyed. And >Shep thinks we are the ones who will ruin Cuba?

You know what this is, right? It is Shep’s assumption of the role of the “great white father” who will let the savages live on in their state of nature while denying them the comforts of modernity he enjoys… all so he can keep getting his favorite Cuban liquor for a low, low price of $4 a bottle!

And with all this, we should easily see that Shep Smith thinks the USA is a bad place that “ruins” the nice, dirt poor natives with its evil bounty.

What a disgusting creep.

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