Democrats Thank Ted Cruz

Cruz Helps Dems

With political allies like Ted Cruz, who needs political foes?


Democrats are taunting Texas Sen. Ted Cruz for effectively allowing them a victory on a controversial nominee for surgeon general.

Physician Vivek Murthy was confirmed Monday night on a 51-43 vote despite stiff opposition from the National Rifle Association, due in large part to Cruz’s unsuccessful maneuver this weekend meant to register GOP opposition to Obama’s executive action on deportations.

The Texas Republican kept his colleagues in the Capitol through Saturday, intending to get a vote on whether the President’s move was constitutional. With the Senate in session, Democrats were able to clear procedural barriers in the nomination process, originally thought to be too time consuming to finish before the Christmas recess. Cruz’s keeping the Senate open allowed Democrats to clear those steps on a number of presidential nominees, some of them controversial, making it easier for them to win final confirmation this week.

Obviously, the GOP is in need of Cruz control.

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