Cruz Gives Gift To Democrats

Cruz - Shadey

Thanks to Ted Cruz, Senate Republicans may not get to do what they wanted to do in regards to some presidential appointees. Here is an excerpt from a story about the Senate’s passage of the $1.1 trillion spending bill:

The votes capped a day of intrigue in the upper chamber of Congress that included a failed, largely symbolic Republican challenge to the Obama administration’s new immigration policy, while Democrats launched a drive to confirm two dozen of Obama’s stalled nominees to the federal bench and administration posts before their majority expires at year’s end.

Several Republicans blamed tea party-backed Texas Sen. Ted Cruz for giving the outgoing majority party an opportunity to seek approval for presidential appointees, including some that are long-stalled.

“I’ve seen this movie before, and I wouldn’t pay money to see it again,” said Sen. Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., recalling Cruz’ leading role a year ago in events precipitating a 16-day partial government shutdown that briefly sent GOP poll ratings plummeting.

Asked if Cruz had created an opening for the Democrats, Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah said, “I wish you hadn’t pointed that out,” adding “You should have an end goal in sight if you’re going to do these types of things and I don’t see an end goal other than irritating a lot of people.”

It was Cruz who pushed the Senate to cast its first vote on the administration’s policy of suspending the threat of deportation for an estimated four million immigrants living in the country illegally. He lost his attempt Saturday night, 74-22, with 23 of the 45 GOP senators voting down the Texan’s point of order.

Senator Hatch is mistaken, because Ted Cruz does have an end goal other than to irritate people.

Cruz Goal Cartoon

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