Obama Insulting Legal Immigrants By Using Their Money to Give Amnesty to Illegals

President Obama has figured a way to fund his unconstitutional amnesty plans that not only hamstrings Congress to a great degree, but it also delivers a huge insult to anyone foolish enough to try to immigrate to the USA legally.

One of the ways that Obama tried to get around the possibility that Congress might not allocate funds in the budget for his new amnesty for illegals plans is to use the fee-based fund from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Since this money in the USCIS is not amassed from taxes, Obama thinks that Congress won’t be able to remove the funding. In this way he thinks that he can keep funding his unconstitutional plans without threat from Congress. Of course, Congress CAN take away the money for the operations of the USCIS, but that isn’t too likely.

But if it isn’t tax dollars, just who pays these fees? The money in this fund is paid as fees for government services–like filing paper work, etc–by immigrants who have legally come to the USA. That’s right, Obama is insulting legal immigrants by using THEIR money to fund his amnesty for illegals.

It makes you wonder why anyone in the world would bother trying to follow our laws and come here through the legal process, doesn’t it?

I mean, here are these millions of people dutifully paying their service fees to the federal government to be allowed to come here through the legal process and Obama is taking their money and using it to give freebies to lawbreakers!

As Katie Pavlich notes, the legal process is long, confusing, and very frustrating.

On average legal immigrants wait ten years to fully obtain citizenship (and only after they’ve had a green card for five years) and they must pay thousands of dollars to USCIS in the process. Again, that money is now being used to give millions of illegal immigrants a free, expedited pass to legal status. Adding insult to injury, millions of green cards for illegals means longer wait times for legal immigrants.

Not only is Obama rewarding criminals who are knowingly and purposefully breaking our immigration laws, but he is also setting up a situation where those who are following the law are made to feel like fools and made to wonder why they are bothering to try the legal process.

This man is purposefully going out of his way to utterly destroy the rule of law in every way possible.

Obama is the most lawless, most dangerous president in American history.

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