Senate Defense Bill Allows Obama to Steal Hundreds of Thousands of Acres of Land From Western States

Instead of concerning itself with our national defense, the new Senate National Defense Authorization Act provides for the federal government to steal millions of acres of land from western states like Montana.

The defense bill was passed on Friday allows for $585 billion in discretionary spending by the Pentagon as well as affording $63.7 billion in overseas contingency operations funding. But it also includes 70 different public land grabs.

The new provisions designate an additional 250,000 acres of land to be property of the federal government. This is the biggest land grab since Obama’s last land grab in 2009.

Some of the measures, though, do open areas to logging and mining, notably in Alaska.

Montana Senator Jon Tester celebrated his “yes” vote on the land grabs.

“I am proud of this historic agreement, and I am particularly proud today to be a Montanan,” Tester said. “Montana is home to sky-touching mountains and beautiful plains. It’s home to hardworking men and women and to Native Americans with deep connections to the land. But it’s the Last Best Place because we are all of these things and because we are willing to work together to preserve and strengthen them.”

One of the provisions restored mineral rights to local Indians. The Northern Cheyenne Lands Act gave mineral rights back to the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation and opens up 112 million tons of coal for mining.

This is all part of the growing number of acres stolen away by the federal governmentthe state of Utah has begun to look for ways to put a halt to Obama’s land grabs and announced plans to try and take back some of the land the federal government stole from the state.

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