Call It By Its True Name: Obamaville

Sixty-Eight Acres of hell in San Jose, Ca, the self styled “Capital of Silicon Valley.”

The Santa Clara valley once grew fruits, nuts, grains, and cattle. Since the Second World War it has grown houses and businesses. What it has not been growing, of late, are jobs.

How Silicon Valley Created America’s Largest Homeless Camp

SAN JOSE, Calif.—Living in "The Jungle" means learning to live in fear. Especially after dark, when some people get violent. The 68-acre homeless camp in South San Jose is considered the largest in the United States. It's a lawless place.

"When something goes wrong, you have to have some kind of backup," says Troy Feid, pulling out a machete that he carries up his sleeve at night. "Just having it says 'Don't mess with me.' "

Feid, an unemployed union carpenter, lives in a fortress of netting and plastic tarp with a cat named Baby. He's one of the 278 people who've claimed a spot in the thicket of cottonwood trees along Coyote Creek. He first moved here four years ago when he ran out of work.

But hey, they won’t be national news until five minutes after the next Republican Administration takes office and the LSM once again discovers the homeless.

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