Even NYT Notes That Voter ID Laws DO NOT ‘Suppress’ Minority Voters

The left is all balled up in knots over the false claim that voter ID laws are meant specifically to “suppress” the vote of minorities and to swing elections to the GOP. This is a lie. And even The New York Times essentially agrees that this is a lie.

Firstly, the point of voter ID laws is not to “suppress” anything other than illegal votes. If a white guy is not properly registered and goes to the polling place without a valid ID, he shouldn’t vote any more than an African American or an Hispanic.

Now, the argument the loony left makes to “prove” that voter ID laws affect only minorities is that, according to these loons, liberal minorities are too stupid to figure out how to get an approved ID so that they can vote and will therefore be denied the right to vote.

They claim that they have “studies” that prove that many states have hundreds of thousands of minorities who lack the proper ID and so are being disenfranchised by voter ID laws.

But now even Nate Cohn from The New York Times proves that this claim is bunkum.

Cohen notes that relatively few Americans lack any of the dozens of approved forms of ID and those that do aren’t nearly numerous enough to swing any election–either to the left or to the right.

His conclusion: “Voter ID laws do not swing many elections, because people without identification do not represent a large share of registered voters; they are particularly unlikely to vote; and a share of them will vote Republican.”

So, the claim that ID laws are meant to swing elections to the GOP is nonsense.

Cohen does fall in line with the lie that these laws are meant to suppress minority votes, though. Even as his entire article disputes the claim directly with the facts, he makes the claim anyway. Probably just to keep the liberal attack dogs off his back.

In any case, it is a flat out lie that voter ID laws are meant to keep minorities from voting. On the contrary, not one state that has had a voter ID requirement has seen a decline in the minority vote.

Voter ID laws are meant for one reason and one reason only: to keep Democrats from flooding the polls with illegal votes. The left hates voter ID laws not because it keeps minorities from voting. They hate voter ID laws because it stops big city Democrat Party machines from cheating, or at least makes it harder for them to do so.

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