You Built This, Mr. President, Ferguson is all That is Wrong With Democrats

The pointless and illicit rioting in Ferguson, Missouri is a perfect example of all that is wrong with the Democrat Party, the unavoidable end game of that party’s actions, and proof of the illegitimacy of everything Democrats do to win elections.

Democrats win elections by lying to blacks and telling them that they are still living in the 1930s where it concerns race relations in America. The Democrat Party lies to blacks telling them Jim Crow is still in force, that blacks have made no progress, that they are oppressed every day and all their personal failures are the fault of others–namely “those white devils.”

Democrats then promise to give blacks freebies to make amends for the purported conditions under which they are supposed to suffer in order to get their vote.

And it works, too. Blacks vote in the 90 percent range for Democrats.

But this hatemongering that Democrats perpetrate is not without effect. It is no mere vote-getting maneuver. In fact, the Democrat Party seriously undermines the United States of America with its Negro Vote Ploy.

Ultimately, large scale rioting is the only end result of the Democrat Negro Vote Ploy. It isn’t a *maybe* out come, it is a must outcome and Ferguson is a perfect example of this fact.

The reason riots are the only logical outcome of the Democrats’ actions is that Democrats tell blacks every day that they cannot get ahead. They are told that it is impossible for them to succeed. They are told that the USA is permanently against them.

With this presumed permanence of a second class status, blacks are despondent and that despondency is carefully fostered by the Democrat Party.

The fact is, Democrats benefit from the hate engendered by their Negro Vote Ploy, the hate they create with that ploy.

If you are an African American in the US today any small misfortune you experience is never ascribed to any mistake you may have made on your own. It is ascribed to this mythical “institutional racism” that the Democrat Party constantly flogs. If you are black you are told never to look inward, told that you never have to improve your life through your own efforts or actions, told to simply sit back and let the Party supply you with benefits to make up for that faux racism that is keeping you down.

So, it is a natural that a communal hate for whites, for the government, and for the United States itself that the Democrats create must build until it boils over in rioting. This is what Obama built. What Harry Reid built. What the Democrat Party built.

The Democrat Party is truly the most dangerous, un-American force in this country today.

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