Obama Shocked by Suggestion Another Prez Might Selectively Enforce Tax Law

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A recent encounter that Obama had with ABC so entirely illustrates his arrogance that it can only make you laugh. George Stephanopoulos asked Obama what would stop a future president from following his example of selectively enforcing laws by refusing to collect certain taxes. Obama was shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you, at the suggestion and told Stephanopoulos that it would be “wrong” of a president to decide not to enforce tax law.

Here was the exchange with Obama filibustering in his opening monologue:


Obama: The reason that we have to do prosecutorial discretion in immigration is that we know we are not even close to being able to deal with the folks who have been here a long time. The vast majority of folks understand that they need to pay taxes, and when we conduct an audit, for example, we are selecting those folks who are most likely to be cheating. We’re not going after millions and millions of people who everybody knows are here and we’re taking advantage of low wages as they’re mowing lawns or cleaning out bedpans, and looking the other way.

Stephanopoulos: So you don’t think it’d be legitimate for a future president to make that argument [that tax law should be selectively enforced]?

Obama: With respect to taxes? Absolutely not.

Obama went on to further explain his position by noting that “we still expect everyone is going to follow the law,” on taxes.

Uh, OK? And we don’t expect anyone to follow the law on immigration? Why is that?

This shows Obama’s arrogance to a “T.” It proves that Obama has no logical leg on which to stand with his selective enforcement of our immigration laws. His only justification is “because I said so” or because he thinks it is the right thing to do.

But, if it is wrong for any other president to refuse to enforce tax law, then how can it be right for Obama to selectively enforce immigration law? Again, his only real reason is “because I said so.”

This president has proven over and over again that he doesn’t care about the rule of law, he doesn’t care about American culture or its ideals, and he has no compunction about ignoring the US Constitution and all other laws when it suits him to do so.

Obama is the single worst, most un-American president in American history. But, it does fit with his goal of destroying this country from within quite well, doesn’t it?

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