Harry Reid’s Megalomaniac Aide

David Krone

Let’s call him Harry Reid’s version of Valerie Jarrett. As the New York Times reports, some on Capitol Hill call him a manipulative megalomaniac. That someone is David Krone, Harry Reid’s top aide.

How bad is Krone? According to the New York Times, last year President Obama made a private call to Senator Reid in order to complain about Krone, and unbeknownst to the President at first, Krone was listening in on the call. Now, according to the NYT, President Obama has banned all congressional staff members from attending White House meetings in order to keep Krone out of the White House.

Recently, Krone angered Democrats when, after the recent congressional elections, he went on record with the Washington Post to criticize President Obama.

Up until now, Harry Reid has given people the impression that he doesn’t care if his top aide damages his Party or the Obama Administration. Well, perhaps Reid will start caring now that the New York Times has told everyone what Krone has been doing.

[Personally, I hope that Krone continues working as Reid’s top aide. Anyone who inflicts damage to the Democratic Party can’t be all that bad.]

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