Why Inner City Blacks See Racism Everywhere and Think We Are Still in Slave Days and Whites Don’t

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Inner city blacks have a skewed and untrue view of what America “is” today and it is because they live in all black neighborhoods. This often self-imposed isolation is also why white people don’t understand why blacks don’t see the progress that blacks have made in this country.

There is a myth of segregated neighborhoods in this country that lives strong, especially in the minds of blacks. The myth is that whites live only among whites and blacks among blacks. The myth is also part of the assumption that whites are racists who will neither let blacks live near them, nor will move to areas where blacks live thereby keeping blacks down.

This is part of the victim mentality that blacks have built up among themselves to explain why inner city neighborhoods are blighted. It’s always someone else’s fault.

But according to an article by Dan Keating in The Washington Post studies have shown that these days all white neighborhoods have plummeted to near non-existence in American cities.

The Post looked at US census data and found that where there were once all white sectors of cities, that is no longer true as blacks, Asians and Hispanics are now plentiful in areas that used to be all white.

This means that white people are surrounded all day, every day, at home and work, with successful, prospering minorities, people who make as much as whites do, living in the same types of homes, driving the same cars, and working the same jobs. In fact, even if whites live in mostly white neighborhoods they see racial parity when they turn on their TVs, go to a sports game, see a movie, read the newspaper, or listen to the radio.

It is easy for whites to see racial parity in this country because they are surrounded by it every day. So, when black racebaiters claim that race relations in this country is no different than it was in 1940, whites just can’t understand the claim. It makes no logical sense because it isn’t a logical claim. They see the lie to this claim of rampant racism every single day of their lives.

Unfortunately, there is such a thing as all black neighborhoods in our cities and this is why many blacks have a skewed notion of racial equality in the USA.

As Keating notes, there are still large blocks of our cities where only poor blacks live. They see no white people in their neighborhoods (unless those whites are cops), they don’t work side-by-side with whites, and they have no cultural touchstone with other races.

So, when these blacks in the poorest parts of our cities look around themselves each and every day they get the feeling that they are left behind. They feel they are not part of a prosperous America and it is easier for them to assume that all blacks everywhere are mistreated, put down, and oppressed by whites.

The fact is, whites see racial progress–even racial harmony–every single day. But inner city blacks don’t see that and are therefore easy prey for racebaiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who play on that isolation, lie to blacks by saying that they’ve made no progress, and keep urban blacks agitated and full of hate for whites.

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