Is it cold enough for you?

Cold Weather

From WJXT in Jacksonville, Florida, Thursday, November 20, 2014:

Tuesday morning was the coldest Nov. 19 across the United States since 1976, some 38 years, according to Dr. Ryan Maue, meteorologist with WeatherBell. The average temperature across the entire country was just 19.4°.

An astounding 226 million people in all 50 states, that includes the tropical paradise of Hawaii, were below freezing at the same time putting an exclamation point on an already paralyzing winter season — that hasn’t even officially started yet.

In celebration of all of this man-made global warming, one American has put some beverages on ice and invited Al Gore over for a drink.


No word yet if Gore has accepted the invitation.

[The above beer-cooler photo comes from the website of Dr. Roy Spencer.]

Autumn 2014

Side Note: The above-quoted news story contains one slight error. November 19th was on a Wednesday, not on a Tuesday.

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