Washington Post vs. Obama

Washington Post

Some members of the mainstream U.S. media may still have a love affair with President Obama, but the members of the Washington Post‘s editorial board aren’t among them, apparently.

On the 18th of November, the Washington Post published an editorial titled “President Obama needs to fix his flawed Islamic State strategy“.

That title alone speaks volumes. Obama has a flawed strategy. If that message had been delivered by Fox News or by congressional Republicans, then Democrats would have tried to shoot the messenger.

Here is the ending of the Washington Post‘s message:

Asked if he was “actively discussing ways to remove” Mr. Assad, Mr. Obama’s response was a blunt “no.” While “we are looking for a political solution eventually within Syria,” he said, “we’re not even close to being at that stage yet.” That message will be greeted with cheers by the Assad clique and its supporters in Iran; it will encourage the regime to believe it can continue its “barrel bomb” and chlorine gas attacks with impunity. It will also probably ensure that the rift between the United States and its allies against the Islamic State continues to widen.

Mr. Obama appears to recognize the severity of the threat posed by the Islamic State and appears to be focused on the job of leading the fight against it. But if he continues to allow his ideological resistance to steps such as the deployment of ground forces to constrain the campaign, he will ensure its failure.

If President Obama won’t get that message, then perhaps Congressional Democrats will.

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