TIME said that it would happen.

Time Global Cooling

TIME magazine said that it would happen, and it has been happening … the record cold temperatures … the record snow amounts … snow in May … snow in summer.

Now this, as reported by CNN: Hello, winter! Early snow, bitter cold pummel the upper Midwest

Of course, all is going as predicted by the “consensus” of climate scientists, just as they predicted …

Bad Prediction

For another perspective about this story, our roving reporter caught up with Al Gore and sought his comments.


“Mr. Gore, can you comment on the latest contradiction between your predictions and reality …

…uh… Mr.Gore? Mr. Gore?”

We will return to Mr. Gore once he has thawed out.

Someone send in a St. Bernard!

st. bernard rescue gore

Anyway, we now turn to the comments section, where global-cooling deniers are already wailing and gnashing their teeth.

Correction: wailing and chattering their teeth.

Granted, in the minds of some global-cooling deniers . . .


Go figure.

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