Despite Rabble-Rousers Urging Ferguson Citizens to Vote, Few Bothered

After months of rioting, one of the main themes that many left-wing rabble-rousers have been pushing on residents of Ferguson is to register to vote so that they can “change” their local government. But despite all the rhetoric, few Ferguson residents bothered to vote last Tuesday.

A big criticism of Ferguson, Missouri’s government is that there are “too many white people” in it. Activists have maintained that only a slate full of black candidates can properly govern the largely black population of the city. So, to throw out the few whites on the council, activists have urged citizens to register to vote and usher in a utopian black government.

But despite all the caterwauling of activists, it appears that Ferguson residents still weren’t motivated very much to go register and vote.

KMOV TV reports that regardless of all that gnashing of teeth the 2014 turnout still wasn’t that great.

To put it bluntly, voter turnout for Ferguson Township was far from historic.

Of 24,334 registered voters, 10,222 cast ballots in Tuesday’s election, a turnout of slightly more than 42%, according to an initial tally.

There wasn’t a wave of new voters, either, as only 204 residents registered to vote between August 11, the Monday after Brown was shot, and October 8, the registration deadline for Tuesday’s election, said Rita Days, St. Louis County’s director of elections. Fifty-six additional residents have registered since October 8, she said.

Ferguson Mayor James Knowles also pointed out that his city’s voter rate of 42 percent even lagged behind the dismal 44 percent voter turnout of the rest of the county. It is also below the county’s totals of 55.8% (2010) and 63.4% (2006) in comparable midterm elections, the TV station reported.

So, despite all the complaining, all the brick throwing and the high volume of hate-inciting speech by protesters and activists like MSNBC mouth Al Sharpton, the citizens of Ferguson just didn’t much care to vote… again.

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