Kay Hagan Dragged Down By Obama

Here is an excerpt from a National Journal article titled “Kay Hagan’s Loss Is a Devastating Blow to Democrats“:

Kay Hagan had done everything right. When Senate Democrats elsewhere got wrapped up in thorny national issues; she spent months talking only about local education funding. While some of her colleagues exhausted the “war on women” attack by September, the first-term incumbent kept that message quiet until it was fresh for October. Other Democrats saw their poll numbers fall; she saw hers grow. She had run what one Democratic operative called a “damn near perfect campaign.”

And none of it was enough. Because in 2014, all of the strategic brilliance and tactical deftness Democrats can muster doesn’t look like a match for the deep unpopularity of President Obama. . .

. . . by October Democrats started to worry that months of her good work were being unraveled by an onslaught of a toxic national climate. Hagan was talking less about education and more about ISIS and Ebola, issues that had intruded on Democratic races elsewhere. Suddenly Obama’s deep national unpopularity, something that had dragged down her colleagues elsewhere, was having its own effect in North Carolina.

If what the National Journal says is correct, then political cartoonist Bruce Plante got it right when he drew the following:

Bruce Plante Cartoon

By the way, Bruce Plante frequently sides with liberals and Democrats.

* * * * * * *

Bruce Plante is the primary editorial cartoonist for the Tulsa World newspaper. The newspaper published Plante’s above-posted cartoon on 11/06/11.

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