OPEN THREAD: ‘Liberal Chick’ Says Our Founder ‘George Jefferson’ Would Have Hated Voter Suppression

Consider this the OPEN THREAD for the weekend, but first….

This video is pretty sly, really. A young girl calling herself “Liberal Chick” was infuriated by the 2014 midterms because the GOP only won by “voter suppression.” And this chick is sure that our founder, George Jefferson, would have been solidly against this suppression stuff.

I mean, our founding father, George Jefferson, would have been positively incensed if Wheezy’s vote was suppressed this week!

Before you go off on “Liberal Chick,” don’t be too mad at her. “Liberal Chick” is a great example of Youtube satire. She has a ton of stuff like this making fun of liberals. Check her out at her Facebook Page.

And, so, I have posted this satire video several places. What makes me sad is I’ve gotten a hundred comments attacking this girl as an idiot who is uneducated.

Sadly, not one of these people fully grasped that this girl is DOING SATIRE. Worse, none of them read where I TOLD THEM she was doing satire.

Does anyone actually read anymore?

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