Even in Blue Illinois the GOP Wave of 2014 Had an Impact, But The State is STILL A Major Failure

The Republicans bumped up their gains in the Senate and the House of Representatives and also gained in Governor’s mansions across the nation and even Obama’s deep, deep blue Illinois was affected by this GOP wave. But even with these few bright spots, Illinois is the worst state in the union on every level.

But, yes, last night there were some bright spots. First of all, two Democrats lost their seats in the House of Representatives.

In the 10th District over in Lake County, Robert Dold re-took the seat he lost in 2012 when Democrat Brad Schneider knocked him out. Schneider rode Obama’s coat tails into the House in the big 2012 Democrat sweep.

Dold endured a vicious campaign full of lies launched by Schneider and the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee. The Democrats claimed Dold was a “Tea Party” extremist and a major anti-abortion activist and neither are true.

But the shocker was the 12th District race where State Rep, Mike Bost just slammed Democrat incumbent Bill Enyart by a wide margin. I don’t think anyone had this major upset on their radar here in Illinois. Enyart only got one term and was ushered into office in 2012 along with the 10th District’s Schneider.

But the biggest upset is the race for Governor in the Land of Lincoln.

Businessman and first time candidate Bruce Rauner beat incumbent lifer politician Pat Quinn for governor and with a five percent win, it was by a margin that is quite a bit larger than anyone expected.

Rauner has been down in the polls almost from the beginning but often only by 1 or 2 percent. Many figured if Rauner won it would only be by 2 points if he were lucky.

This was another race that was utterly vicious with team Quinn launching one scurrilous attack after another in its ad campaign.

It wasn’t all good for the GOP though. The state Party was again useless. Unfortunately, the GOP didn’t pick up the single seat in the state house it needed to break the Democrats’ 71-seat super majority in Springfield. But at least the Democrats didn’t gain even more.

The only good thing for the state Party is that Republicans kept their hold on the State Comptroller’s office and also kept the Treasurer’s office with a sparse win for Tom Cross who now takes over from retiring fellow Republican Dan Rutherford. (As of the publishing of this, Cross had a small lead but the race still had not been called.)

So, while Illinois Republicans didn’t win as big in the Land Of Lincoln as elsewhere in the nation, the Grand Old Party did make some gains and is able to share in the 2014 GOP wave.

Regardless, Illinois is in the worst shape ever and is perennially in last or second to last place in every single metric that measures a successful state.

The Democrat Party has driven Illinois to this lowly status and yet, it still holds sway over the state’s political landscape. This shows how apathetic and uninformed the voters of Illinois really are and proves that the state will have to fall even further before it will be fixed.

Thanks to the corrupt Democrat Party led by the feckless Pat Quinn and the corrupt Mike Madigan and the useless Illinois GOP that can find but few successful candidates to challenge them. Illinois is an abject failure.

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