Obamacare Funds Being Used to Push Amnesty for Illegals

Obamacare was supposed to be about getting healthcare for those Americans–I emphasize, Americans–who fell through the system and were un-insured. But, like all government programs, it has failed to do what it set out to do. Worse, now we find healthcare dollars being used to push amnesty for illegals.

Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) recently demanded to know why Obamacare money is going to a campaign to push amnesty. Smith wrote a letter to House Appropriations Chair Harold Rogers (R-KY) and demanded that the program be defunded.

Smith points to a $15 million grant hidden in Obamacare’s Prevention and Public Health Fund given to the California Endowment, a purported healthcare agency in the Golden State.

Last year the California Endowment (CE) joined with the left-wing Spanish language TV network Univision to push Obamacare to the network’s audience. One of the CE’s TV ads was geared to remind illegals to renew their Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) permits before they expire.

The DACA is a program created by an Obama Executive Order. It gave millions of illegals who were brought here as children a shield from deportation.

Smith called the money given to the CE an “example of wasteful and unaccountable spending.”

“Regardless of how one feels about Obamacare, taxpayer money being spent to remind undocumented immigrants to renew their DACA permits does not promote healthcare,” Smith said in his letter.

Smith also pointed out that there is almost no oversight in other funds being thrown around to Obama special interests through Obamacare.

“This slush fund has virtually no oversight as to where taxpayer money is spent and gives the Department of Health and Human Services free reign to spend the money in any manner it chooses.” Smith concluded saying “may not even have to go toward healthcare related initiatives.”

But remember, we just had to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.

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