Scott Brown Accepts Panelist’s Apology

Brown-Shaheen Debate

Democrats in New Hampshire thought that Scott Brown had handed Jeanne Shaheen ammunition to use against him.

Well, they were wrong.

In case you missed it …

During the 11/30/14 televised debate between Brown and Shaheen, Brown was asked a question by James Pindell, a reporter at ABC affiliate WMUR9 in Manchester, New Hampshire. The question pertained to New Hampshire’s Sullivan County, which is the location of the Mount Sunapee Ski Resort.

Having been to that resort, Brown knew that it was located in Sullivan County, which is why his response to Pindell’s question included the following:

One of the biggest opportunities is tourism, one of the biggest opportunities are ski areas and trails for snowmobiles and I support those efforts.

Apparently, Pindell didn’t know that the Mount Sunapee Ski Resort was in Sullivan County, which is why he challenged Brown’s answer.

Any glee that Democrats felt during Pindell’s dispute with Brown was extinguished after the debate, when Pindell went on live TV and apologized for getting his facts wrong.

I said that Sullivan County was west of Concord, not north of Concord. The truth is, it’s both,” he said. “So on this point, Scott Brown was right, I was wrong. I apologize to Scott Brown and to both campaigns.

WMUR9 is reporting that Brown has accepted Pindell’s apology.

Sorry, Democrats. Better luck next time.


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