Fox Derangement Syndrome @ HuffPo

Crazies at HuffPo

The Huffington Post has done something gutsy, considering who its regular readers are. The website had the courage to publish a blog post written by Greta Van Susteren, host of the Fox News program On The Record.

The fact that the Huffington Post featured a Fox News personality was enough to bring the Fox-haters out of the woodwork.


It didn’t matter what Van Susteren said in her post. Because she works at Fox News, ad hominem was the modus operandi displayed in the “Comments” section of her post.

Of course it isn’t just the readers of HuffPo who suffer from Fox Derangement Syndrome. That particular ailment is displayed in a HuffPo blog post written by Carlos Maza, LGBT program director at Media Matters.

In his post “Fox News Is Trying to Kill Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance“, Maza writes, “Fox News helped turn a bogus story about subpoenas sent to a handful of Houston pastors into a national rallying cry for religious liberty.”

Except that the story wasn’t bogus. An attack on religious freedom (and the 1st Amendment) was on display in the city of Houston, and the mayor of Houston claimed to not have known about it until it was reported by Fox News. It was as if the mayor was doing her Obama impersonation. Go figure.

Anyway, reporting that there is anti-Fox bias displayed at HuffPo is a bit like reporting that water is wet. Nobody should be surprised by it.

What is surprising (IMHO) is that HuffPo has shown flexibility in who its featured writers are.

One such writer is Ann Jones, a regular contributor at In a post titled “The Missing Women of Afghanistan“, Jones writes the following:

In March 2011, a jocular anonymous senior White House official told the press that, in awarding contracts for major development projects in Afghanistan, the State Department no longer included provisions respecting the rights of women and girls. “All those pet rocks in our rucksack,” he said, “were taking us down.” Dumping them, the Obama administration placed itself once and for all on the side of ultraconservative undemocratic forces.

That’s right. Another featured writer at HuffPo has written a negative criticism of the Obama Administration.

Apparently, HuffPo doesn’t require its featured writers to march lockstep with one another.

How is that for an October Surprise?

By the way, Wizbang doesn’t required its writers to march lockstep with one another, either. Thanks, Kevin!

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FYI: I am not claiming that the Huffington Post is a rabid website.
Any website or blog can have writers who appear to be foaming at the mouth, figuratively speaking. However, it is my opinion that rabid thinking is often displayed at HuffPo.

Someone might even claim that such thinking is often displayed at this site. C’est la vie!

Fortunately for me, we Melmacians don’t get rabies. Instead, we get fleas.

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