Send Wahmbulance to the Daily Kos!

One of the writers at the Daily Kos is in need of the Wahmbulance.

Call the Wambulance

Jeff Singer, the site’s senior elections writer, has written an article that Singer has titled “Republicans try to undercut Maine Democrats by boosting independent Eliot Cutler“.

In it, Singer writes the following:

The RGA is trying a similar tactic. Their ad attacks [Democrat] Michaud for trying to create a new tax, and notes that then-Gov. Angus King vetoed the bill. The narrator then mentions that King, now an independent senator, is backing [Independent] Cutler. [Republican] LePage is not mentioned at all in the spot: The ad is clearly aimed at Michaud supporters who may not be completely sold on their candidate, and whom the Republicans think they can pry toward Cutler.

Singer’s complaint is that a Republican-sponsored ad mentions the fact that Maine’s Senator Angus King (who caucuses with the Democrats) has endorsed Independent gubernatorial candidate Eliot Cutler, and that King vetoed a bill supported by Democrat Mike Michaud while King was Maine’s governor.

In Jeff Singer’s opinion, mentioning two facts about Angus King somehow “undercuts” Maine Democrats. Go figure.

Meanwhile, Singer has written another Daily Kos article titled “Martha Coakley is struggling, but it may not be her fault“.

Apparently, Singer is practicing his “Jake Blues” impersonation in case Coakley loses in the Massachusetts gubernatorial contest.

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