Dear Democrats: It isn’t a poll tax.


In a commentary published by New York magazine, Jonathan Chait equates voter-ID laws with a poll tax. He write the following:

During the Obama era, the Republican Party has made the modern revival of the poll tax a point of party dogma. Direct poll taxes have been illegal for 50 years, but the GOP has discovered a workaround. They have passed laws requiring photo identification, forcing prospective voters who lack them, who are disproportionately Democratic and nonwhite, to undergo the extra time and inconvenience of acquiring them.

What Chait fails to explain is why Democrats and non-whites wouldn’t already have photo identification, considering the fact that a person in the USA has to have some kind of photo ID in order to cash checks and to do any banking.

One oft-cited excuse is that poor people and non-whites don’t have the birth certificates needed in order to obtain photo identification.

If that is the case, then how do they obtain government services? In the USA, one has to have a birth certificate and/or photo ID in order to obtain government services.

According to Chait and the Democratic Party …

birth certificate brouhaha

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