Who is rich?

Being Rich

Liberals and Democrats often whine about people who are rich. So, who is rich?

The Telegraph newspaper of the UK answers that question.

In a report titled “Credit Suisse global wealth report: Are you among the world’s richest?”, the newspaper states the following:

If you have $3,650, including the value of your home, you’re among the wealthiest half of people in the world. (This is net wealth – so, once debts have been subtracted.) The other half own less than 1pc of global wealth, while 77pc of adults – that’s 3.3bn people – have less than $10,000.

All to often, when liberals and Democrats talk about wealth, they don’t do so from a global perspective. If they did, then they would realize that they are rich in comparison to the majority of people on Earth.

So, if the U.S. government were to soak the rich, as Paul Krugman desires, then the U.S. government would have plenty of people to soak, including …

… liberals and Democrats in Congress.

… professors at Ivy League universities.

… columnists at the New York Times.

… Americans who send their children to private schools.

… Americans who own automobiles.

… Americans who own computers.

… Americans who … well … I think that I’ve made my point.

Way too many Americans who complain about rich people fail to understand that they, too, are rich people in comparison to the majority of people in the world.

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