Oklahoma Ten Commandments Monument Toppled; ACLU, Satanic Temple Hardest Hit

A couple of years ago, an Oklahoma state legislator decided that there needed to be a Ten Commandments monument on the grounds of the State Capitol. The legislature passed a resolution granting permission for the monument to be erected, and private funds were raised for its completion.

After it was finished, the monolith became a lightning rod for both right and left-wing attention whores and publicity seekers, most notably the ACLU and The Satanic Temple, which publicly announced that it was planning on erecting a monument to the demon Baphomet next to the Ten Commandments.

This past week a crazy person, described by authorities as a bi-polar man who had gone off his meds, drove his car onto the grounds of the State Capitol and smashed it into the monument, toppling it and breaking it into several pieces, essentially destroying it. He then walked approximately a mile and a half to the Federal Building downtown, where he was arrested after he began yelling incoherently, making threats against the President and Federal Government.

After he was arrested, the man told authorities that Satan made him destroy the Ten Commandments monument. (Insert Dana Carvey or Flip Wilson joke, as appropriate. Or for the old-school version, read Exodus 32:19.)

Both The Satanic Temple and the ACLU issued official statements in the wake of the monument’s destruction. Reading through the crocodile tears, it’s fairly obvious that they are pretty darn unhappy about this. This poor guy just pissed on their campfire, big time.

Actually, the clear winner in this situation is The Satanic Temple, which crowd-sourced over $25,000 in funding to build their monument. Without the Ten Commandments as its unwilling neighbor, gentrifying the Capitol Grounds with their image of Baphomet would be rather stupid and pointless. So essentially they come out $25,000 ahead.

Oh, well. Just another strange news day in Oklahoma.

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