Dem Congressman: Barack Obama … Has Zero Credibility on National Security Issues

Tim Walz, Congressman from the 1st District in Minnesota, must be suffering from brain freeze. He said that if someone had never served a day in uniform they had “zero credibility on national security issues.” That’s right, he said it. We’re holding our breath waiting for the national media, or even the local media, to call him on it. OK, we’re not holding our breath.

Here’s the local news report where Walz made the charge.

Here’s the context. Walz, a liberal Democrat Congressman in a conservative (for Minnesota) rural district has credibility problems with the voters. His positive ratings run at about 38%. The Republican candidate, Jim Hagedorn, a constitutional conservative Republican, is running to replace him.

Hagedorn got this started by highlighting a statement by Congressman Walz to the effect that Gitmo should be closed down and the federal government should use a local hospital to house them. Walz is far out of the mainstream on this idea because the American people overwhelmingly do NOT want terrorists housed on US soil. Walz refuses to repudiate his earlier statement and he won’t even comment on the subject of, he prefers to be a hypocritical chicken-hawk.

Walz has the gall to say than Jim Hagedorn doesn’t have credibility because he didn’t serve in the military, will he apply that same standard to Barack Obama and Bill Clinton?

MN-1 is a winnable race for Republicans and we can actually replace a liberal loon with a constitutional conservative. The First District is a rural district and a candidate can buy TV spots for the grand sum $40. Forty dollars. The Republican Party and the RNCC are spending upwards of $7 million in Minnesota to elect Republicans, but the Party refuses to spend a dime in the First District. You heard that right, not a dime.

Jim Hagedorn won the nomination in the primary by beating an establishment candidate and it seems the Party would prefer to see a hard core liberal who votes with Barack Obama 100% of the time hold that seat rather than a constitutional conservative. After all, Jim might not vote for John Boehner for Speaker. He certainly won’t support the Republican leadership’s attempts to mollify the US Chamber of Commerce and act like Democrats by folding like a house of cards on illegal alien amnesty. As a matter of fact, here’s what Jim Hagedorn does stand for.

That’s Jim Hagedorn. See why the Republican Establishment would rather have Tim Walz?

This is a race we can really make a difference in. It’s a small budget race. A TV spot in the district is $40. We just bought one and we encourage you to do the same. We live in a solid Red district in Phoenix and have a wonderful Congressman, David Schweikert, who Speaker Boehner pulled from his committee assignment because he refused to vote with the Republican Leadership on issues like amnesty. David will get upwards of 90% of the vote in our district and he’ll have to spend maybe $100 to do it. He doesn’t need our help.

Jim Hagedorn does. We want to help put a man in the Congress who will be as big a pain in John Boehner’s ass as our Congressman Schweikert is. David needs help and Jim is just the guy to help him.

The election is less than ten days away, give up a latte or two, eat at home once, make a small sacrifice and help Jim Hagedorn retire a liberal hypocrite from the Congress. Join us and buy a TV spot. Forty bucks. It’s critical and it’s right now. Click on the graphic below (see, we really did kick in for a TV spot).

Let’s show Tim Walz and John Boehner that we Conservatives really do stand for Real Change!

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