OPEN THREAD–And a Video Showing How Stupid MSNBC is

Here is the weekend’s Open Thread, but first…

Now, I don’t usually write a whole lot about the morons at MSNBC. Mostly because it simply isn’t a credible news source in any way, shape, matter, or form. If you tune in to MSNBC you get leftist clowns spouting lies. And you get that by their admission and by design. So,t that being the facts, there is no real reason to write much about the network because it is a given that “news” is not their focus. Partisan lies are.

However, the folks at the Washington Free Beacon put together a video showing the screwed up screen messages (called chyrons) that have appeared on this joke of a network and it is pretty funny to see how inept MSNBC really is.

Anyway, it’s an open thread, so have at it.

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