‘The Week’ Reveals a Typical Left-Wing Bias in a Science Article

The media is drowning in major cases of left-wing bias, we all know. But small examples of left-wingery pop up all the time in articles and a recent piece in the The Week gives us a perfect example of how the media slips in small digs at the right even in articles that are essentially supposed to be non-political.

On October 20, Nicholas Warino posted a piece in The Week that was supposed to be about the new scientific discoveries that might lead to 1,000-year life spans for we mere mortals.

But while trying to lighten the mood in an article that is supposed to be essentially about science, in his fifth paragraph, Warino injected a little bit of left-wing partisan nonsense. (My bold)

We already expend much brain power analyzing and discussing the potential ramifications of possible-but-improbable events: catastrophic Asteroid impacts, actually building the Death Star, or even congressional Republicans compromising with Democrats. So why not also consider the consequences of a society that has conquered aging?

Of course Warino was just trying to be funny. But note how that “humor” revealed his personal left-wing position. After all, why is it a “possible-but-improbable event” that Republicans might compromise with Democrats?

In this formulation of Warino’s “joke” it is “funny” because Republicans obviously never compromise with Democrats. Warino says that the idea that Republicans might compromise is funny because in his formulation it obviously never happens.

This, of course, is mere left-wing boilerplate. The fact is Republicans compromise all the time while Democrats are the ones who rarely ever do. President Obama himself, for instance, has made few if any compromises with the GOP during his entire tenure in DC. He also has no reputation of compromise when he was a state senator in the State of Illinois.

It was even a minor controversy early in his reign in the White House when Obama went well over a year before bothering to meet with the Republican minority despite his many claims that he wanted to work with the opposition.

Once, in reply to why he would not compromise with the Republicans, Obama simply said. “I won.”

Yet, to Nicholas Warino it is a “possible-but-improbable event” that the Republicans might be the ones to deign to compromise with Democrats.

Yes, this is a small example. But it is typical of the leftist mindset that lurks just under the surface in every “journalist’s” mind.

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