OPEN THREAD: Mean High School Basketball Announcers BANNED!

Remember back in high school and middle school when you would attend your school basketball games? Remember how the home team announcer would give a rousing intro to the home team to get the crowd whipped up and into the action? Well that is now banned because it might make the opposing team feel bad.

I’m serious.

New rules for announcers have been released by the National Federation of Sate High School Associations that will ban exuberant announcing because it’s just too darn mean.
On its website, the NFHS even gave a nice, politically correct explanation of its new rules.

The announcer’s role does not include “cheering the home team on” or otherwise inciting the crowd. Doing so is common at other levels of athletic events. But high school athletics is different because sports are educationally based. In a very real sense, the public address announcer at a high school event is a “Champion of Character”. He/she can influence the atmosphere of the contest by what is said and how it is said. The announcer who performs professionally promotes good sportsmanship by what he/she says and how he/she acts upon saying it. – See more at:

Because, see, we don’t want he/she to be so darn mean as to make he/she/it/they’s darned old PA announcements to make people feel bad or to give one side the idea that they just might lose a basketball game… right?

I mean, we sure don’t want to hurt the kiddos’ self-esteem.

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