From The Back Burner: Muslims Against Hate

Here is a back-burner story from September that didn’t make the national news.
Tulsa Muslims Denounce Hate

Tulsa Muslims are protesting ISIS and condemning the anti-Muslim comments of an Oklahoma lawmaker.

They say both promote hate and do not reflect Islam, or any religion for that matter.

The Islamic Society of Tulsa invited the media on Saturday to honor journalist colleagues beheaded by ISIS.

They have denounced ISIS because not only are they killing innocent people, they’re doing it in the name of their religion.

There is a verse in the Quaran that says, “If anyone slays a person, it would be as if he slew the whole people.”

The Islamic Society of Tulsa is using that verse to show that its religion is different from that of ISIS.

“They’re not Muslims,” Houssam Elsoueissi said. “They don’t represent Islam, and we hate their actions.”

About 1,500 Muslims pray at Tulsa’s only mosque.

Mosque members are now protesting ISIS, the terrorist group they say is hijacking their religion, performing sins in the name of Islam.

“You get people [who] keep pushing you away, saying, ‘No! You’re a terrorist.’ Or, ‘You don’t belong.’ Because somebody in Iraq or Syria did something,” Houssam said.

Oklahoma Muslims also are feeling persecuted at home.

Oklahoma State Rep. John Bennett says he has no plans to apologize after posting an anti-Muslim comment on his Facebook page.

Saying, “be wary of the individuals who claim to be Muslim-American.”

“When a person like him makes a statement, it echoes and people hear it,” Houssam said. “And it does a disservice to Muslims, American-Muslims and humanity. Period. It promotes hate, basically.”

Safa Elsoueissi added, “I feel the need to go out and explain to people that, no we’re not about this, and it’s sad that we have to do that.”

The Islamic Society of Tulsa led a protest Friday, which resulted in some positive feedback.

“People were honking, telling us great job. Some people came and recorded it to post on Facebook, so really we felt, you know, like these people understand and they know that we’re not the same as what ISIS is doing,” Abdelmonen said.

What that Oklahoma lawmaker said about Muslims is tame in comparison to what one particular American said about them. Back last April, Christopher Zara of the International Business Times reported the following:

Patrick Dollard, a conservative filmmaker and former Breitbart contributor, is Twitter’s public enemy du jour following a tweet in which he called on Americans to “start slaughtering Muslims in the streets.”

In that particular tweet of his, Dollard writes, “If there is even one more act of Muslim terrorism, it is then time for Americans to start slaughtering Muslims in the streets, all of them.”

It is one thing to verbally criticize the teachings of Islam or the teachings of a mosque. It is another thing to encourage acts of violence against all Muslims. The former is an exercise in freedom of speech. The latter is an exercise in rabid behavior.

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Side Note: For the record, I am not a Muslim, and I am not defending Islam. I am merely sharing stories pertaining to American Muslims. Sometimes, being fair and balanced means reporting what other parties are saying even if one disagrees with those parties.

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