Foolish Brits Bow to Muslims, May Stop Teaching ‘British Values’

Britain’s Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, recently said that teaching British values to kids in British schools is bad because it might upset the Muslims that have been invading the Isles. This, folks, is how you commit suicide.

As the UK Independent reported on Thursday:

Mr Clegg is worried that some Muslims are offended because their religion is often singled out when ministers talk about “British values”. He believes that David Cameron and Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, may unwittingly anger Muslim community leaders the Government needs to tackle extremism and could fuel Islampohobia among the British public.

This is just insensible… unless it is being said by someone that hates–truly, viscerally hates–his own country and culture.

Here Clegg is inviting Muslims to tear down and destroy England and its centuries old culture.

Naturally these idiotic words from Clegg brought instant criticism from true Brits who complained that Clegg’s nonsense was evidence that the left-wingers in Britain were instituting a “Muslim agenda” in the nation’s schools.

This is how to destroy your own country. This is how to end your own culture and allow people antithetical to your principles to rule the day. The evil of Islam will bury the British if they follow Clegg’s advice.

But this is the sort of thing liberals do. They work to destroy their own culture because to a man every liberal thinks his own culture is an evil that needs to be destroyed.

Obama and his ilk are trying this sort of destruction here in the USA.

It needs to be stopped.

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