From the national news:

Four weeks away from the 2014 midterm elections and even some Democratic operatives struggle to imagine a scenario where they retain control of the U.S. Senate. The terrain and current momentum seem all but overwhelming and against them…

“If you put a gun to my head, I guess I’d say that we’re going to lose the Senate,” one Democratic consultant told me in a moment of anonymous candor.

It’s not even so much that President Obama is an Ancient Mariner-esque Albatross around their necks, though he is.

“I love the guy and I don’t think there’s anything he could do to fix it,” the Democratic operative says, “but he’s a real drag. But the bigger drag is the economy overall — even though the economy is getting better, people aren’t feeling it because wages are stagnant.”

The other issue is that many of the Democrats defending their seats in GOP-leaning states had a fresh new Obama in 2008 helping to sweep them into office — and often then, just barely. The class of 2008 were a bunch of Obama babies — and now that’s working against them.

How dare Fox News call President Obama an albatross!
Obamatross around Dem neck

Oh, wait. The above news quote is from CNN.

Also, did CNN just call Democrats “babies”?
Democratic Party Babies

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