Poll: Most Feel Obama’s Presidency a Failure

A new poll of how people feel about Obama’s presidency is not good for team Obama. It appears that most respondents feel his presidency is a failure.

A new IBD/TIPP poll which ended Friday, last week found that 53 percent characterized Obama as a failed president. This versus only 41 percent who rated it a success. And to show that nearly everyone has an opinion about this president, only 6 percent said they weren’t sure.

Interestingly, and more ominously for Obama, those who declared themselves independents had an even worse impression of Obama. 58 percent said he was a failure. And half of those independents in states that voted overwhelmingly for Obama say he has failed.

Young people are foolish enough, though to buck the trend. Those 18 to 24 say he is a success at 77 percent, and absurd result compared to older respondents. Even 25 to44-year-olds feel he is a failure at 59 percent. Tell me again that those under age 21 are paying attention enough to be allowed to vote.

Also, as IBD notes, “Another striking contrast: Most single women (54%) judge his presidency a success, but only 32% of married women do.”

And there has been buyer’s remorse, too. To date only 43 percent say they’d vote for Obama again if he was able to run a third time. And if they could get a do-over of the 2012 election, 49 percent say they would now vote for Romney with only 46 percent saying they’d vote Obama.

And before you get all tangled up in that IBD usually rolls in a conservative editorial direction, even the liberal New York Times’ Nate Silver had ranked IBD’s polls as the most accurate in the 2012 cycle, so they are pretty reliable polls.

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