Silly Parents Mad Everyone Uses Their Daughter’s Name for ISIS Terrorists

A couple in Australia are demanding that people stop using their daughter’s name as the label to identify the terrorist group ISIS. If this isn’t the perfect story showing the idiocy, arrogance, and foolishness of some westerners, there isn’t one.

Frank and Sheridan Leskien of Sydney, Australia are quite upset that people keep calling those darned ol’ terrorists in Syria the ISIS group. Why, darn it, everyone just knows that Isis is their beautiful, 8-year-old daughter’s name! So, all you big poopy heads better stop using their daughter’s name for those stinky ol’ terrorists. Or else!

These idiots actually appeared on Australian TV to whine about this coincidence as woeful as it is.

“This is hurting my little family and we’ve lost family because they’re scared and don’t want anything to do with us… it’s soul-destroying,” Frank recently said.

Right. So, everyone in the world has to stop using ISIS to denote this terror group because some suburban Sydney family happened to give their daughter the same name?

Seriously? First of all, for these people to assume that any word or name is “theirs” and they should have the power to control who says it and who doesn’t is… well, just arrogantly stupid. It is also quite childish.

Hey, my name is Todd and for years I was annoyed by the Saturday Night Live character who gave out the nuggies. But did I imagine that SNL should not be allowed to use the name Todd just because that is also my name?

Never would it occur to any sensible, logical, grown up person that it should be the case that someone who shares a name with a bad guy or an unsavory organization should assume they have the power to stop people from using it.

Is your name Adolf? Too bad. Did your parents name you Barack? Get over it. Are you unfortunate enough to have the name Donald Sterling or George Zimmerman? Quit whining.

I remember a Chicago shock jock who found a guy in Wisconsin whose name was Harry Beaver. Try that horrible moniker! I grew up with a kid whose parents were so stupid as to name their child Bunny Hopp. I also knew a kid named Buck Rogers.

It’s juvenile to make fun of a name, certainly, but, come on. Grow up and get over it. No one thinks this girl in Australia is a terrorist because she has the name of a Greek goddess of motherhood, magic and life… oh, and a terrorist group.

But it is a sign of the arrogance and silliness of too many self-centered western fools who think the world revolves around them and their snot-nosed kids.

Besides, how mad must the goddess Isis be? Not only did the dang Greeks portray her with a chair on her head, but now her name is the handle for a group of Islamist terrorists.

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