Obama Sent Illegals All Across The County, Forcing States to Pay for Schooling

President Obama secretly sent tens of thousands of illegals all across the country and into every state without bothering to inform governors that he was doing it and now the states are stuck footing the bill for healthcare and education.

On September 29, the AP reported that “Unaccompanied minors… have moved to communities of all sizes, in nearly every state.”

But since the Supreme Court has made the disastrous ruling that state-run schools “have an obligation to educate all students regardless of their immigration status,” now the states are stuck footing the bill to take care of these children that Obama secretly foisted on them.

A major difficulty with most of these children is that they are so ignorant of any schooling that they can’t even write or read their own Spanish languages.

In the meantime, the U.S. is spending an additional $9 million to give these lawbreakers free lawyers to help them through the immigration procedures with Immigration and Naturalization Services.

But already we know that few of these illegal kids have been deported, so it seems that this faux legal wrangling is pretty much a sham meant to give illegals the color of legal authority for breaking our immigration laws.

We also know that once these “unaccompanied” illegals are given official sanction and are considered sudden Americans they will then be allowed to bring in half a dozen more members of their family to “care” for them here in the US.

What does this say to those who for decades have been trying to satisfy the law and come to our country legally? It tells them they are fools for being law abiding, would-be citizens. And it tells all immigrants that the rule of law doesn’t really exist in the USA.

Barack Obama has created the most lawless administration America has ever seen.

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