Secret Service Allowed White House Jumper to Run All Throughout the White House

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What the heck happened to the Secret Service? Has it been so feminized that now it can’t even protect the president anymore?

We are now learning that the Secret Service couldn’t stop one nutty dude from jumping the White House wrought iron fence and the running all through the White House. Worse, they lied to us by initially saying that they stopped him just inside the entrance at the East Portico of the presidential residence.

But it turns out he ran all around inside the White House before the Secret Service finally stopped him.

We’ve also now been told that alarms called “crash boxes” had been actually turned off and this was another reason the Sec. Serv. couldn’t find the guy.

There was also a dog on hand that no one thought to use.

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson recently said the breach was “unacceptable” to her, before she went back to doing her nails, I guess.

This isn’t the first major misstep by the Sec. Serv. crew at the White House. Back in 2011 when a man using a rifle opened fire on the White House smashing out a window and peppering the White House exterior with bullets the Sec. Serv. told its officers on the ground to stand down and hat the noise was just the “backfiring of a construction vehicle.”

It is also borderline if the security services properly handled their shooting and killing last October of an unarmed woman in a car who was discovered to have a mental problem.

It seemed like there were an awful lot of people shooting at this disturbed woman’s car even after rammed a police car and came to a halt. That case is still ongoing, apparently.

Then there is the report that they have been 1,000 security lapses at the White House.

This all added to the prostitution scandal that hit the Service back in 2012 and what do we have, here? A security service in shambles? It seems likely.

So, just what the heck is going on with the Secret Service? I have no idea, myself. Is it political correctness infecting the service? You tell me.

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