County Officials in Florida Sidestep Law to Intimidate Gun Dealers

In Florida only the state is allowed to make laws, rules, or regulations that affect gun dealers. So, county officials are trying to intimidate gun shops into toeing their arbitrary “rules” even though the locals have no power at all to make such rules.

In an effort to sidestep state laws, county officials are urging gun dealers who sell ammunition and weapons to police to “voluntarily” follow new rules created by officials–rules that have no force of law.

As the Sun Sentinel reports

Under consideration is a voluntary program under which gun and ammunition vendors who sell to local law enforcement agencies–and to the public–would be asked to adhere to voluntary “sales and marketing safeguards,” including running background checks on employees, training employees in how to spot a “straw buyer” whose intent is to distribute guns to others, regularly checking inventory to make sure guns aren’t missing and running checks on gun trade-ins to ensure they weren’t stolen.

Apparently the police and county officials are trying the old “gee, we’d hate to see anything happen to your little store” mode of relations, eh?

Naturally this intimidation tactic is modeled on one created by the anti-Constitution group Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

Big surprise, right?

Of course the government hacks in Broward County are acting all wide-eyed in shock that anyone would consider their move an effort to put a crimp in Florida’s right to bear arms.

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