Oklahoma Beheading Shows Authorities Are Putting Us In Danger

After a Muslim convert in Oklahoma murdered a fellow co-worker at a food processing plant by beheading her, authorities there rushed to TV to claim that it was *just* workplace violence and that the Muslim murderer is not a terrorist. Since then we’ve seen every example of how this monster was a committed radical Islamist which makes him a terrorist whether he’s connected to a particular group or not yet our leaders are burying their heads in the sand and refusing to admit the truth.

On September 26, a man whom the police keep calling Alton Nolan entered Vaughn Foods, his place of employment, and beheaded Colleen Hufford, 54, a woman that works there, a woman he knew. He also tried to kill another employee, Traci Johnson, 43.

As soon as the incident hit the media authorities in Oklahoma rushed to the TV to insist that Nolan was not a terrorist, that he had no ties to any terror group, and that the attack was only a run-of-the-mill, average, boring ol’ case of “workplace anger.”

This is all a pack of lies.

First of all, this Islamist murderer, a 2011 prison convert to Islam, dumped his American name and for some time now has been going by the name Jah’Keem Yisrael.

Secondly, we have seen that he is tied in several ways to terrorists not the least of which is his personal ideology.

On his Facebook page he features photos of terrorists in Syria or some other such terrorist stronghold.

Even someone who knew this creep in high school said he was not surprised that he ended up as a murdering terrorist.

The mosque in Oklahoma City he attended has taught the destruction of Israel and the United States.

We also have since found out that he was fired from Vaughn Foods because he was arguing that women should be stoned for what he felt were infractions of Islamic teachings.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter if a Muslim in America–or any other western nation–has any direct ties to any particular terror outfit. The mere fact that he is a Muslim at all is all one needs to know that it is terrorism at the heart of his actions if he begins murdering people.

“Terrorist groups” are not the root of these actions.

Islam is.

Until our so-called leaders get this seminal fact through their thick skulls we won’t be able to protect ourselves from Islam. Not locally, not nationally, and not internationally.

Finally, yes, yes, yes, not all Muslims are terrorists merely because they are Muslims. Only an idiot would make that statement and only a liar would say that is what I am saying here. But the fact is, terrorism is infused in Islam at its core. This is unlike any other world religion–all of which have been misused, certainly. But Islam is shot through with tenets that can only be read as terroristic in nature.

In fact, here is where all conservatives of good conscience can find common cause with the usually profane Bill Maher. The comedian recently said that if we, as a western civilization, intend to fight intolerance, why haven’t we started with honor killings (and I’d add female genital mutilation) and other teachings of Islam that have been hitting the west for decades?

Recently on his show, Maher said this:

President Obama keeps insisting that’s ISIS is not Islamic. Well, maybe they don’t practice the Muslim faith the same way he does, but if vast numbers of Muslims across the world believe, and they do, that humans deserve to die for merely holding a different idea or drawing a cartoon or writing a book or eloping with the wrong person, not only does the Muslim world have something in common with ISIS, it has too much in common with ISIS.

This is exactly right

Yet, our leaders refuse to acknowledge this simple truth and their self-induced ignorance of the truth puts us all in danger.

Finally, one other part of this story is important to note: this Muslim monster was stopped by an American with a gun. The only reason this creep was stopped from killing more people was because a man had a gun in is car and he shot this Muslim and corralled the killer forcing him to stop his criminal acts. He did this because he was armed.

This makes the case yet again that we should all be armed.

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