Calif. Court Makes Wearing American Flag to School a Crime

Witness the end of the USA: An appeals court in California has now let stand a lower court’s ruling that white kids aren’t allowed to wear t-shirts with the American flag on them to school when illegals are celebrating the faux Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo.

That’s right, natural born American citizens are now considered criminals by the US court system should they dare to wear Old Glory on a t-shirt when law breakers are celebrating a holiday that isn’t even a holiday in the backwards country of their birth.

Lawbreakers, criminals from other countries, people who are here to steal our benefits, our jobs, and our property are given more rights than natural born citizens.

In California the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals refused to impanel a en banc hearing for a case from Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, Calif. legitimizing the lower court decision that the school could force kids to remove US Flag shirts or face expulsion.

The Ninth Circuit–often called the Ninth Circus, and for good reason–went further and said that “no further petitions shall be permitted.”

The case started in 2010 when a small group of white students decided to wear their US flag shirts on the faux Mexican holiday but when they got to school the administration told them to take them off or face expulsion.

The school claimed it was trying to prevent “potential violence” between the ignorant, illegals and the American citizens. So, instead of banning the fake, un-American holiday, he banned the American flag.

Imagine, a school banning the American flag. Worse, imagine a US Court making you a criminal if you should break that ban. IN AMERICA! Now it is a matter of law that American citizens have no civil rights, but illegals do.

Ultimately, this is made all the worse by the fact that Cinco de Mayo is not even a real holiday in the very country these illegals claim to be honoring. So this so-called school is promoting ignorance, denigrating American patriotism, and handing control of the school over to people who have broken the law to get here.

This is a perfect sign that the United States of America is no more. We have all collectively allowed our society to be torn down by Democrats and their handmaiden on the courts. We’ve sat idly by while our purported educators have begun teaching children that the USA is bad, that the US flag incites violence, and that foreign holidays–even fake ones–are more important than America.

Welcome to the end of America. How doe sit feel, Democrats, how does it feel to be responsible for the destruction of your own country? I know, I know, the USA deserved it anyway. We know that’s how you feel.

Finally, this is all yet another example that validates the fact that we must tear down and eliminate our anti-American system of miseducation.

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