One in Ten California Workers are Illegal Immigrants

A new report released last week revealed the alarming statistic that nearly one in ten workers in California is an illegal immigrant.

The report released by researchers at USC found that nearly ten percent of the Golden State’s workforce is made up of illegal aliens. It was also estimated that at least 2.6 million illegals live in the state. This number is likely far higher, though.

As the LA Times reports, illegals have taken 38 percent of jobs in agriculture, 14 percent in construction, and half have been in the US for at least 10 years.

Pro-amnesty activists point to the study as proof that these illegals “contribute” to the state.

“Every one of California’s immigrants helps shape our state’s economic and civic vitality,” said Reshma Shamasunder, director of the liberal advocacy group the California Immigrant Policy Center.

Shamasunder has urged President Obama to issue a blanket amnesty using Executive Orders if Congress won’t act but has criticized the President for deportation policies.

Critics, however, say that illegals also claim a larger share of social services and if they became sudden citizens with an over arching amnesty they would cost the country billions in healthcare, unemployment, education, and other social services, costs that would far outweigh any fiscal benefits they might bring via the job market.

But there is another consideration that no one ever seems to talk about. What do we do for a respect of the law if all you have to do to immigrate to the US is just come here without observing the law?

Don’t we set up a nation of lawbreakers–including legal citizens–when we just decide to ignore our laws? We already have the Democrat Party now set up to rule by mob action instead of law. Should we just dispense with any concern about laws and all just do as we feel?

Ultimately, though, we know why Democrats are so insistent that these illegals break the law. Democrats are expecting to import a permanently poor, lower class of people to the country who will vote Democrat for freebies and keep the party in power in perpetuity. Democrats don’t care anything about these people, they don’t care about America, they don’t give a hoot about “law.” They merely want permanent political power.

Finally, what does it tell these sudden citizens about this country? That laws don’t matter and you take what you can by force.

Anyone advocating amnesty is advocating the destruction of the United States. It really is just that plain.

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